Textpattern quickstart screencast


Installing Textpattern, including basic configuration and publishing the first post—in under five minutes

Herewith, a screencast:

Note that about halfway through, the first time I log in, a mostly blank screen comes up. This is a known bug in Textpattern version 4.2.0. (The bug has already been fixed in the latest development version, but that hasn’t been released yet.) I might redo it when the new version comes out, in which case I’ll make the fonts bigger.

It’s done in real time and is unedited, although I did a practice take, as you might notice when the text editor’s save dialog muffs its lines by getting ahead of the script.


Plus the Finder, of course, along with Terminal and Safari, all included with OS X.

Behind the scenes:

Guest appearance by:

Screen capture courtesy of:

Snapz Pro X (Mac only, US$69 for full version with movie capture).

Posted 2009-09-30 (last modified 2009-10-01)