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Tag context matrix

A selective list of context-setting and context-sensitive tags.

a = b = c options, no precedence
a > b > c options, decreasing precedence
context global context element
context local context element
context local or global context element

Note: Sets or links to indicates which tags can set local context or link to global context. (NB, a tag cannot set global context, nor link to local context.)

Tag Static Sensitive to Sets or links to Pagable
article section = search = author = date = category = article article
article_custom article
images category = author > article-images image, image
linklist category = author link
file_download_list category = author file
image_index image
related_articles article-category
section_list section, section
category_list category, category
if_individual_article article (overridden by article_custom)
if_article_list article (overridden by article_custom)
if_author author
if_category category & type
if_search search
if_section section & type
if_article_author article-author
if_article_category article-category
if_article_section article-section
if_article_id compares article-id to article-id or arbitrary id(s)
section section > article-section > section section
category category > category category
category1 article-category category
category2 article-category category
author article-author author
image_display image
image image
thumbnail image
article_image article-image
css section

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