Format of the 2003 Croquet World Series

Overall Schedule

November 1–5

Australia v. New Zealand
Great Britain v. United States

November 6–10

Australia v. Great Britain
New Zealand v. United States

November 11–15

Australia v. United States
Great Britain v. New Zealand

The Series

The 2003 Croquet World Series for the MacRobertson Shield is a series of six test matches between teams representing the “big four” croquet-playing nations: Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States. Each team plays each of the others once in a round robin format. The winner of the Series is the team that wins the most test matches. The tie-breaker, if necessary, is percentage of individual matches won. If this is also tied the trophy will be shared.

Test Matches

A test match (or test) consists of nine doubles matches and twelve singles matches played over five days. The team that wins eleven or more matches wins the test. Every player plays one singles or doubles match on every day of the test.

Individual Matches

A singles or doubles match is played as best of three games, without time limits. All matches will be single banked. All play is according to The Laws of Association Croquet (usually known in the US as “International Rules”).