Tournament News

Overall Schedule

November 1–5

Australia v. New Zealand
Great Britain v. United States

November 6–10

Australia v. Great Britain
New Zealand v. United States

November 11–15

Australia v. United States
Great Britain v. New Zealand

2003 MacRobertson Shield Preview


For the first time in its 78-year history, the MacRobertson Shield—croquet’s most prestigious team event—is coming to America. A preview of the 2003 Series:


For those unfamiliar with the MacRobertson Shield, or with tournament croquet in general, it may come as a surprise to learn that there are croquet players willing to spend three weeks or more on a trip halfway round the world just to attend a croquet competition. A purely amateur competition at that, with no chance of prize money and precious little glory. And that these players have practiced long and hard to earn the chance at being selected to their national croquet team, and most are travelling largely at their own expense.

The Teams

All four teams contain a mix of MacRob veterans and MacRob first-timers, of young players and players not so young. Not always in the expected combinations—there are some young veteran players as well as some grizzled MacRob debutants in this year’s team line-ups.


One of the founding MacRob countries, Australia is looking to end a record streak of MacRob frustration. Despite coming tantalizingly close at times, the Aussies have not won the Shield since 1935.

Great Britain

The four-time defending champions are favorites to retain the Shield. But, as seen in 2000, the Brits are not invincible and will need good performances at all positions to win a record fifth straight world title.

New Zealand

Having come within a single game of winning the 2000 MacRob, Team New Zealand know that they are very capable of winning the Shield for the first time since 1986.

United States

Team USA achieved a milestone in the 2000 Series, winning its first-ever MacRob test match and taking third place overall. The Americans know they can perform well, and expect to improve on their 2000 results.