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Day 2 Report: November 2, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

11:15 AM. Still windy, conditions challenging.

Burrow and Mulliner (GB) started off with a quick win, 25tp (M) over Louw and Rosenberry (USA). In Fulford and Clarke (GB) v. Stark and Taves (USA), Clarke hit the lift and TPO’d in the first game, resulting in a 13tpo win. In game 2 Taves hit the supershot and made nine hoops, and Stark is in play with an on-time triple going. Fournier was pegged out (Fournier and Drake, USA, v. Maugham and Avery, GB) but Drake has a 3-ball break going to finish.

11:35 AM. Australia extend their lead.

Bassett makes it 4-0 to Australia over New Zealand, beating NZ #2 John Prince by 8tp, 26tp. The good news for New Zealand is that they are game-up in three other matches.

12:25 PM. New Zealand on the board.

Dennis Bulloch has given NZ their first match win, 21 and 26 over Meatheringham. In the remaining matches in the AUS v. NZ test, NZ is leading in three of the four.

1:05 PM. Another win for NZ.

Greg Bryant has beaten Simon Hockey 14, 17tp. New Zealand 2, Australia 4.

2:00 PM. USA staying close.

USA’s John Taves and Jerry Stark have become the second pair to ever beat Robert Fulford and Chris Clarke in a MacRobertson Shield doubles match. Lots of errors in the 3-ball finish of the third game, Stark eventually pulling together a 3-ball break to win the match.

3:10 PM. This could be a long day.

USA v. GB is finished for the day; the match stands at 4-2 to GB after Maugham and Avery won the error-filled third game against Fournier and Drake.

4:45 PM. This WAS a long day.

The Aussies prevailed in the final two matches to take a commanding 7-2 lead over the Kiwis. Fleming failed to finish his triple with three peels done, and pegged out one ball. Garrison made a clutch hit and got one ball round. Fleming took several shots at the peg before finally roqueting after Garrison had left a peg-ball double.