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Day 4 Report: November 4, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

10:45 AM. Crunch time for Yanks, Kiwis.

Four of the Australia v. New Zealand singles matches have finished the first game, each country leading in two matches.

11:05 AM. Aussies on the hill, Brits on the very brink.

Australia’s #1 Trevor Bassett beat New Zealand’s #1 Toby Garrison to put Team Australia a match away from winning the first test match. At the moment, however, most of the singles matches have NZ in play.

11:20 AM. Great Britain 11, United States 2.

Great Britain have won their first test match, having now won the requisite eleven matches. Despite some troubles at rover, Mark Avery has clinched the test for GB with a pair of triple peels. Avery and Maugham remain undefeated in both singles and doubles.

11:40 AM. Australia sitting pretty.

Peter Parkinson (NZ) has kept New Zealand’s hopes alive with an efficient win this morning. However, Bruce Fleming (AUS) has game, match, and test match on his mallet. The Australians are also game-up in two other matches.

12:15 PM. Australia 11, New Zealand 5.

Bruce Fleming, captain of the Australian team, beat New Zealand’s John Prince to clinch the test match for Australia. Earlier, Dennis Bulloch (NZ) had beaten Stephen Forster (AUS) to keep the Kiwis’ hopes for this test alive, but the reliable Fleming never looked in serious danger during the winning break.

1:30 PM. One match remains in play.

USA v. GB is finished for the day. Taves and Stark were effective again, beating Burrow and Mulliner in a scrappy match. Team USA have lost the first test match, but can take consolation from their good performance in the doubles.

2:40 PM. Another winning day for Australia.

Simon Hockey won the third game against Brian Wislang to make it 4-2 on the day and 13-5 for the test match for Australia.