Tournament News

Day 7 Report: Friday, November 7, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

10:25 AM. Back to normal.

The weather has returned to a summer-like sunny and hot.

11:05 AM.

All matches except Mulliner (GB) v. Meatheringham (AUS) have started game 2. Mulliner, as he has often done at this series, hit the lift when the game was on the line, and the game is now in a three-ball ending, Mulliner having pegged off Meatheringham’s rover ball.

11:35 AM. GB take 2-0 lead on the day.

Chris Clarke and Robert Fulford finished matches on adjacent courts at nearly the same time to give Great Britain a 2-0 lead on the day over Australia, and a 4-1 lead in the test match. Fulford completed his sextuple peel in fine style, needing to do only the rover peel straight.

12:20 PM. New Zealand on the scoreboard, Brits keep winning.

New Zealand’s Greg Bryant and Peter Parkinson beat USA’s Jerry Stark and John Taves in two games to bring the test match score to 2-1 in favor of Team USA.

1:45 PM. NZ v. USA 2-2; AUS v. GB 2-6.

Fournier did the two peels but missed a long peg-out, sending the forward ball off the lawn. Bulloch finished to tie NZ with USA at 2-all. Prince and Wislang (NZ) are playing a cautious two-against-one strategy in game 2 against Louw and Rosenberry (USA). Yesterday’s pegged down match has resumed; Fournier went round and Bryant missed the lift.

2:55 PM. Spectator’s delight.

Two matches on adjacent lawns directly in front of the clubhouse finished simultaneously with dramatic pegged-out endings. Several turns after the TPO, Burrow (GB) pegged off his rover ball to get a two-ball endgame with his ball for penult and Hockey (AUS) for 4. Then with Burrow in position at rover and Hockey on the north boundary, Hockey roqueted and played a rough-and-ready two-ball break from 4 to 4-back. The final turns featured a three-yard shot through rover by Burrow when Hockey was set at penult and therefore in good position to take advantage had Burrow missed; a seven-yard shot through rover by Hockey, and a missed 15-yarder by Burrow to give Hockey the game and match, and a badly needed win for Australia.

6:00 PM. Another peg-down in NZ v. USA doubles.

The match between Prince & Wislang (NZ) and Louw & Rosenberry (USA) was pegged down due to darkness. The status of the match: game 3, U (Wislang, for penult) and K (Prince, for rover) to play, with a lift, and imperfectly cross-pegged; R (Rosenberry, for 4-back) and Y (Louw, for peg) about eight yards apart south of corner II.