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Day 8 Report: Saturday, November 8, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

10:15 AM. Another day at the office.

Results started coming in quickly around ten o’clock, and seven of today’s nine matches have recorded a game 1 score. In the Australia v. Great Britain doubles, each team leads one match. In the New Zealand v. United States singles, USA leads in four matches (all triples) and NZ leads in one.

11:10 AM. Good or just lucky?

Jerry Stark (USA) won his match with John Prince (NZ) with an unconventional game 2 finish. Rather than Irish-peeling his partner ball at penult, he peeled it with a little stop shot and then attempted to cannon it off line with another ball. The cannon failed and he then roqueted peelee on the hoop shot. Calmly, or perhaps desperately, he then peeled the ball through rover from thirteen yards away. The peel was very clean and there was no problem with repeating the error he had made at penult, but nonetheless he failed to get a rush back to the peg, and had to attempt the peg-out from about twelve yards. Center peg.

11:50 AM. Quick matches so far.

Six of today’s nine scheduled matches are already on the books. Australia and Great Britain are tied on the day at one all, GB leading the test match 7-4. The remaining match, Bassett and Hockey (AUS) v. Avery and Maugham (GB) is tied at one game apiece.

12:55 PM. Brits in strong position, Yanks 4-1 on the day so far.

Great Britain have taken a strong 8-4 lead on Avery and Maugham’s game 3 win over Bassett and Hockey.

2:40 PM. Shaping up to be another long day.

Ken Rosenberry (USA) hit the “last lift”, when Brian Wislang (NZ) was set to win the match. Actually he declined the lift and shot at a long double instead. The third game is starting now. Naturally these two players are also involved in the pegged down doubles match from yesterday, setting the stage for a very long day indeed.

5:05 PM. Rosenberry redemption.

Ken Rosenberry (USA) followed an agonizing end to his singles match with Brian Wislang (NZ) with a winning play in the pegged-down doubles match to put USA up 8-4 in the test match with NZ. In game 3 of the singles, Rosenberry twice made long hit-ins only to fail easy hoops. Wislang finished the match with a triple peel. The doubles match resumed with a hit-in by Prince, who scored rover and made a strong leave. Rosenberry hit a twenty-yard shot and finished the match with a tense three-hoop break.