Tournament News

Day 10 Report: Monday, November 10, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

10:10 AM. Home crowd hoping for a historic win.

USA will win the test match against NZ if they can win at least one of today’s six singles matches. Jerry Stark is the first American to win a game today, and it would be a fitting result if USA’s most experienced test match player were to win the deciding match.

10:50 AM. Kiwis still in it.

John Prince (NZ) has not been in his top form so far this Series; his response has been to keep going after difficult plays: second-turn two-ball breaks, TPOs, and in game 2 against John Taves (USA), a sextuple peel. He needed a straight quad to finish, but his rush to 4-back was just too hard, and he is now finishing his break and contact leave.

11:10 AM. Wind returns with a vengeance.

The wind is a major factor today, and this is expected to continue for the next few days. Robert Fulford and Chris Clarke (GB) have bagged the first match of the day.

11:40 AM. Two Americans have the test on their mallets.

Jacques Fournier and Jerry Stark of USA each have chances to win their matches with delayed triples. Ken Rosenberry (USA) is working on a TPO of Peter Parkinson (NZ); John Taves (USA) went round from John Prince’s (NZ) contact leave, and has pegged out Prince’s peg ball and given contact.

11:50 AM. USA win second-ever MacRobertson Shield test match

Jacques Fournier finished his triple peel to clinch the test match for USA. The score currently stands at USA 11, NZ 5.

12:20 PM. Wind continues to wreak havoc with matches.

Play is decidedly slower today than yesterday, as players continue to struggle in the gusty wind. Fleming completed his triple to extend that match (Fleming and M. Clarke [AUS] v. Avery and Maugham [GB]). Burrow and Mulliner (GB) have beaten Forster and Meatheringham (AUS), Burrow giving the referee a tough shot to call after a jawsed rover peel. Note that Bassett and Hockey (AUS) never took croquet against Fulford and C. Clarke (GB), Fulford having “popped” Bassett’s ball to 3 in both games.

1:10 PM. Six matches still in play.

Bruce Fleming (AUS) hit the last lift (well and truly the last—opponents were peg and rover in game 3) and is going round.

1:50 PM. Great Britain 15, Australia 6.

Yet another test match has finished with a 15-6 score, as Maugham and Avery (GB) beat Fleming and M. Clarke (AUS) in three games.

2:50 PM. NZ leading 3-2 on the day with one game remaining.

Brian Wislang and Peter Parkinson of New Zealand finished their singles matches at the same time and by the same score in the final game: 17tp over Curtis Drake and Ken Rosenberry, respectively.

4:00 PM. United States 12, New Zealand 9.

Louw did the three peels but missed the peg-out and sent the croqueted ball off the lawn. Bulloch finished to put NZ up 4-2 on the day.