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Day 11 Report: Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Today’s scores
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10:15 AM. The final round begins.

The day began with a brief ceremony in observance of Veterans Day / Remembrance Day. The national flags were lowered as the players gathered for a minute of silence, then the four team captains raised the flags.

12:50 PM. Okay Johnny, here’s your update.

New Zealand lead Great Britain 1-0, as Garrison and Bulloch have beaten Maugham and Avery in two games.

2:10 PM. 1-all in GB v. NZ.

Stephen Mulliner and Matthew Burrow (GB) won their match against Greg Bryant and Peter Parkinson (NZ) to level the test match at one-all. But New Zealand’s John Prince is currently in an on-time triple peel to win the match (with Brian Wislang) against Robert Fulford and Chris Clarke (GB).

2:30 PM. NZ take a steady 2-1 lead against GB to start the test

John Prince finished his triple peel in fine style to put New Zealand up 2-1 against Great Britain at the start of the final test match round. There are still eighteen matches to play, but clearly it’s too early to bring in the engraver for the trophy.

3:20 PM. Another long peg-out for Stark extends match.

Stark & Taves (USA) v. Forster & Meatheringham (AUS), end of game 2: After a bizzare sequence involving a request to the ROT, a fault, and an unauthorized lunch break, Stark went round from 1-back, making one peel. Soon thereafter, Taves made penult and rover, but missed the come-back roquet after rover, going out of bounds on the side boundary near 2. Forster shot at partner and missed, Stark took a long shot at the peg and missed, and Forster went round from 2, with one peel. Taves missed the lift, Meatheringham made penult and rover, but missed the peg-out from about five yards. He pegged off the striker’s ball, leaving three balls for the peg and one ball out of the game. After a long debate Stark took the 10-yard shot at Forster’s ball, hitting. Then after a longer debate he croqueted Forster’s ball a couple of yards past 3, going to partner and roqueting. Then he played a hard half-roll shot sending Taves’s ball squarely into the peg. Finally, Stark pegged out to win push the match to a third game.

Another Fleming triple makes it 2-0 to Australia.

Bruce Fleming finished his triple to put Australia up 2-0 against United States. Both of Australia’s wins so far came after losing the first game. The Americans hope to continue that pattern in the day’s only remaining match.

4:50 PM. Aussie Aussie Aussie redux.

Stephen Forster finished off the last match of the day with a straight triple peel and Australia have charged out to a 3-0 start against United States. What with New Zealand’s performance against Great Britain today, what yesterday seemed impossible is suddenly not quite so far-fetched: were NZ to beat GB, and AUS to steamroll over USA, Australia could win the Series.