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Day 12 Report: Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

9:10 AM. Brits, Yanks hope to bounce back

Great Britain trail New Zealand by a match and will naturally look for a steady 2-1 or 3-0 result from today’s doubles round to get back on track. Australia v. United States are in singles today, and USA hope to right the ship after yesterday’s disappointing 0-3 start.

10:10 AM. Some quick first games, but the wind is strengthening.

In the AUS v. USA singles, Bassett, Fleming and Forster have run out first-game triples for Australia; Drake and Stark have done the same for the United States. Bassett’s game was the first to finish, after about 35 minutes of play.

11:00 AM. Australia extend lead to 4-0.

Trevor Bassett (AUS) needed only about an hour and a half to beat Jacques Fournier (USA) in straight games. Australia lead USA 1-0 on the day and 4-0 in the test match.

11:30 AM. Fleming makes it five.

Another efficient triple peel from Australia’s Team Captain, Bruce Fleming, has put the Aussies up 2-0 on the day and 5-0 for the test match. Simon Hockey (AUS) and Curtis Drake (USA) are now in turns that could win their respective matches. Shooting is excellent in the Forster (AUS) v. Rosenberry (USA) match, that is, assuming Forster really did mean to hit the in-court ball when he hit the lift in game 1.

1:20 PM. Yanks stop the bleeding; Brits take the lead.

With apologies for the time since the last update, but this reporter keeps getting pulled off to be interviewed by other reporters.

2:15 PM. Aussies earn 3-3 split on the day; lead 6-3.

Stephen Forster (AUS) beat Ken Rosenberry (USA) in three games to put Australia up 6-3 after two days of play. The second to last turn of the match, Rosenberry had done the three peels of a TPO, but missed a short roquet before scoring rover. Forster needed only to play out the routine four-ball break to win the match.

3:00 PM. Garrison and Bulloch save the day for NZ.

Mulliner went round and Garrison missed the lift, but Burrow went off the lawn trying to pick up Garrison’s ball in corner IV. With Bulloch’s ball at 4 and Garrison for rover, the finish should have been straightforward, but it would take two turns for Garrison to finally peg out for the win, more than two hours after missing the short shot that could have finished the match in game 2.