Tournament News

Day 14 Report: November 14, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

9:40 AM. GB expected to clinch Series outright today.

Trevor Bassett (AUS) has once again turned in the first game score, in less time than several other games have taken to advance the first clip to 4-back. He leads John Taves (USA) by a game.

10:20 AM. Referee test question.

Question: If a player lifts a ball in accordance with Law 36, and it is then discovered that another ball is misplaced, has the player elected the lifted ball as the striker’s ball for that turn? Answer: No. If the adversary has not played a stroke, the current turn does not end unless the balls and clips are correctly placed.

11:00 AM. Stark wins the Shield ... for Great Britain.

Jerry Stark (USA) beat Martin Clarke (AUS) with two 26tp games, the second a straight triple (with a routinely Starkean eight-yard peg-out). This puts USA within a match of AUS, the test match score now 6-7. But it also means that Great Britain have won the Shield for a record fifth straight time.

11:30 AM. Kiwis up a game in all three matches.

The New Zealand pairs have won the first games in all three of today’s doubles matches. In game 2 Parkinson (NZ) has been TPO’d; the other matches are early in game 2.

1:00 PM. Kiwis tie Brits at 7-all; Aussies maintaining lead over Yanks

The Series is dead, long live the Series. Great Britain’s Robert Fulford and Chris Clarke have suffered their fourth doubles loss of this Series, falling in straight games to New Zealand’s Dennis Bulloch and Toby Garrison. Then Prince and Wislang (NZ) beat Burrow and Mulliner (GB) to tie the test match at 7-all. The remaining match is in the third game.

1:35 PM. USA pull to 8-9.

Ken Rosenberry (USA) beat Stephen Meatheringham (AUS) to make it 9-8 in favor of Australia. The last singles match of the day is Drake (USA) v. Forster (AUS), now in game 3.

2:30 PM. Shades of Christchurch in 2000: Both tests will be close going into final day.

Curtis Drake (USA) beat Stephen Forster (AUS) to tie the AUS v. USA test match at 9-all. The team that wins at least two of tomorrow’s three doubles matches will win the test match and take second place overall in the Series.

3:00 PM. GB 8, NZ 7. AUS 9, USA 9.

David Maugham and Mark Avery (GB) came back from a game 1 loss to beat Greg Bryant and Peter Parkinson (NZ) and put Great Britain ahead 8-7 at the end of the penultimate day of the test match and the Series. Avery had his troubles with the finishing turn, but nicked the peg-out from seven yards to strong cheers from the British supporters assembled on the clubhouse veranda.