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Day 15 Report: Saturday, November 15, 2003

Today’s scores
Test Match standings

10:20 AM. Both tests even on the day so far.

Australia and United States each lead in one of their doubles matches, on triple peels by Forster (AUS) and Stark (USA). New Zealand and Great Britain each lead in two of their singles matches.

11:00 AM. Kiwis inspired, but Mulliner wins first of the day for Great Britain.

Stephen Mulliner (GB) posted a quick straight-games win over Brian Wislang (NZ) to put Great Britain up 9-7 in the test match with New Zealand. But NZ players lead in four of the five remaining singles matches.

11:30 AM. A thriller on the showcase lawn.

Toby Garrison (NZ) has hit the shot of the day so far. Fulford (GB) made an unusual 1-back leave, with Garrison’s backward ball near 4-back, wired from Fulford’s balls in corner III. Garrison jumped the hoop to make the roquet, to raucous cheering from the gallery. He has since made some aggressive shots to dig out a break, and can win the match on this turn.

High noon: Kiwis against the wall.

John Prince (NZ) beat Chris Clarke (GB) in two games to bring New Zealand to 8-9 in the test match. But Mark Avery has put Great Britain on the hill with a straight-games win over Peter Parkinson.

12:25 PM. Down to the wire.

Fulford (GB) had four peels done and needed only a delayed double finish, but had a hampered stroke after running 3-back and missed the roquet. Garrison looked shaky on the final three-hoop break, but finished the turn, game, and match to again bring New Zealand to within one match of Great Britain. Bulloch (NZ) went round with no peels to a sloppy leave; Maugham (GB) has hit with his 4-back ball. Burrow (GB) is in play in a scrappy game 2 against Bryant (NZ).

12:55 PM. Great Britain sweep Series; Aussies on the hill.

Just as in the 2000 Series, David Maugham (GB) has played a triple peel to win the deciding match of the final test of the Series against NZ. Burrow (GB) v. Bryant (NZ) is still in game 2.

1:15 PM. Fleming has another test match on his mallet.

Stark (USA) broke down after 3-back with one peel of the TPO done. Bruce Fleming, Australian Team Captain, can win the test match with a standard double peel.

1:40 PM. Australia 11, United States 9, with one dead match still in play.

Bruce Fleming finished his break, despite some anxious moments, to give Australia their second test match win of this Series, and second place overall.

3:00 PM. Both tests finish 11-10 as the 2003 Series wraps up.

Jacques Fournier (USA) finished his triple peel to bring the final score for the test match to Australia 11, United States 10.