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Notes from Charles Jones, Manager of Team New Zealand

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November 2: Disapointing finish to MacRob Day 2

The New Zealand Team had a disapointing finish to Day 2 of their Test Match against Australia at the World Series at West Palm Beach Florida. After being ahead 2/1 at lunch they slumped in the afternoon to end the day 2/5 down and 2/7 down after two days of the 21 match test.

November 3: New Zealand Struggles on Day 3

Things looked promising at lunch today with New Zealand having won 1 match in straight games and we were 1 all in the other two. Unfortunately both matches were lost in the 3rd.

November 4

Currently the score is 13/5 to Australia with 3 doubles to be completed today. The rookies in the New Zealand Team (Bulloch and Parkinson) are both playing very well with Parky doing two triples yesterday and Dennis (Bulloch) winning all his singles in straight games in the test. We look forward to our next match against the USA and am sure the MacRob veterans will be out to show what they can do.

November 5

New Zealand completed the First Test against Australia today with the winning margin to Australia 15 - 6. This was a severe beating but one that the Australians deserved with their excellent play and they should be a force to be reckoned with against the Brits contrary to Jeremy Dyer’s predictions on Nottingham.

November 6

Well today we have commenced the Test against the United States and it has not been without its drama. Firstly we were all woken at 4am with the loudest thunder and lightning display possible. This combined with the rain that had been falling all night resulted in the lawns being flooded on our arrival at the courts.

November 7

New Zealand started with a hiss and a roar against USA on Day 2 of their Test. Bryant and Parkinson defeated Stark and Taves in straight games 26/9, 26TP/0. Garrison and Bulloch defeated Fournier and Drake in straight games 26/9, 26/4. This left the two countires tied at 2 all. However USA then won the unfinished match from the previous day in a tight struggle with Fournier and Drake coming back and beating Bryant and Parkinson 26/22. This put the USA in a 3/2 lead.

November 10

NZ fought back brilliantly to take 4 of the last 6 games on day five of their Test against USA. Unfortunately this was not enough and NZ went down 12 - 9.

November 11

NZ had an excellent 1st day of their test match against tournament favourites Great Britain taking the lead 2/1. This was the first time GB had been headed at any stage of the tournament.

November 12

In a battle where there is little love lost between the two teams Great Britain fought back on Day 2 of their Test match with New Zealand to level the score 3/3.

November 13

New Zealand is still hanging in after Day 3 of their Test match against Great Britain. In a day where no match went to 3 games so there was probably not the suspense of the other days excepting for the Wislang/Avery match where Wislang could have easily taken both games which was dissapointing for the NZ supporters. The results were as follows.

November 14


November 15

Well what a final day it was at West Palm Beach with New Zealand going down 11/10 to GB and USA going down 11/10 to Australia. The NZ team fought hard and the match could have gone either way at the finish. Results were Garrison beat Fulford 26TP/6, 26/19, Prince beat Clarke 26/22OTP, 26/9, Bryant beat Burrow 26TP/7, 26/24, Bulloch lost to Maugham 26TP/20, 0/26TP, 26TP/21, Wislang lost to Mulliner 0/26TP, 1/26TP, Parkinson lost to Avery 9/26TP, 16/26.