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Download & install

Requirements & installation

soo_page_break is a standalone plugin, developed on Txp 4.6.2. It may or may not work on earlier versions. It should run on any system capable of running Txp 4.6.2 or later. It does not install anything other than itself in the database (no extra tables, nor even prefs, although prefs might come in a later version) and is public-side only, not changing the admin side in any way. It does not require custom fields.

Installation is as usual: copy and paste the code into the Txp plugin installer, then upload, install, and enable the plugin.

soo_page_break version 0.1.2, 9.0 KB
(If it won’t install try the compressed version)

Also available on GitHub.

As usual there’s a discussion thread on the Textpattern forum.

Working with soo_page_break

Once you have the plugin installed and enabled, using it is a simple process of adding appropriate tags to your article forms (and, optionally, page templates), and adding page breaks (and, optionally, page titles) to one or more articles. It’s easy to set up an article form that works equally well for normal (single-page) and multi-page articles.

If you’ve looked at the URL pages for this article, you’ll have noticed that soo_page_break uses Txp’s built-in pg parameter. Txp never uses pg on an individual article page, so there’s no conflict with default Txp behavior.

Posted 2017-03-09 (last modified 2017-03-10)

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