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This is a plugin for Textpattern. It displays customisable navigation widgets for article list pages.



Display page navigation widgets and information for article list pages. (Inspired by rsx_page_number, an old plugin from Txp’s early days.)

Version 0.3.0 includes a Textpack to localize pre-formatted text output such as “Page {current} of {total}”. Currently includes 21 languages.

NB: Version 0.4.0 did away with the requirement for an external library plugin, but by moving to native Txp URI handling this changed behavior on sites with custom URI schemes. 0.4.1 restores that behavior. Note that the p (image ID) query parameter is not preserved; this is intentional.

Note: If you have more than one pagination-capable tag on the page (article if not status="sticky", or any of images, file_download_list, or linklist if both limit and pageby are set) soo_page_numbers will take its values from the first such tag. This is true no matter where you put any soo_page_numbers tags.


Display a “Google-style” page navigation widget, i.e., a group of numbered links representing pages.

<txp:soo_page_links />



<txp:soo_page_count />


soo_prev_page, soo_next_page

Shortcuts for soo_page_count when all you want is a single link. For example, soo_prev_page is a shortcut for <txp:soo_page_count format="{prev}" />.


In addition to soo_page_count attributes, each of these tags also accepts a text attribute for setting the link text. The following tags are equivalent:

<txp:soo_next_page text="Next" />
<txp:soo_page_count format="{next}" next="Next" />

Version History

0.4.2 (2020-03-09)

0.4.1 (2017-03-10)

0.4.0 (2017-03-04)

0.3.2 (2017-02-15)

0.3.1 (2012-01-27)

0.3.0 (2011-01-18)

0.2.7 (2010-02-11)

0.2.6 (2009-11-23)

0.2.5 (2009-10-21)

0.2.4 (2009-07-16)

0.2.3 (2009-07-09)

0.2.2 (2009-07-09)

0.2.1 (2009-07-07)

0.2 (2009-05-22)

Not publicly released. Code overhaul, fixed to work with any query string

0.1 (ages ago)

Not publicly released, not very good either, just a sorry hack of what was probably a quick one-off plugin to begin with (it was early days for Txp).

Posted 2009-07-08 (last modified 2017-03-13)