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Full plugin help text

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This is a plugin for Textpattern.



Similar to the glx_if_frontpage tag from the no-longer-supported “ glx_if plugin. Most of that functionality is now available through core Txp tags, but not this (well, not without an absurd stack of conditional tags).


<txp:else />

soo_if_frontpage evaluates to true if the current page context is:


None required.


Most restrictive case

<txp:soo_if_frontpage pg="1">
... Home page ONLY
<txp:else />
... any other page

The above example returns true for the home page only. E.g., will cause the tag to return true, but any other standard Txp URL will return false.

Least restrictive case

<txp:soo_if_frontpage section="*">
... Home page, section front page, plus subsequent pages of a paginated list
<txp:else />
... Indivdiual article; individual image; category, author, date, or search result lists

The above example returns true on the home page, any section front page, and any paginated variation thereof. E.g., these pages would all return true:

Version History

0.1.9 (2017/02/13)

Txp 4.6 compatibility update

0.1.8 (1/14/2011)

Added check for global image context (i.e., the p query parameter)

0.1.7 (1/4/2011)

Documentation updated with descriptive examples. (Thanks to Andre D for the suggestion.)

0.1.6 (10/7/2010)

More code cleaning, after I remembered that $pretext is already extracted in global scope

0.1.5 (10/7/2010)

Documentation update, code cleaning

0.1.4 (10/6/2010)

New feature: section="*" is a shortcut for specifying all sections (including the default section)

0.1.3 (6/22/2010)

Fixed bug: section front pages now treated correctly (thanks, Victor)

0.1.2 (7/2009)

Added author and month search to the conditions to check against

0.1.1 (7/2009)

Added pg attribute; code and documentation cleaning; updated plugin template

0.1 (1/2008)

soo_if_frontpage tag with section attribute

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