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Day 6 Report: Thursday, November 6, 2003

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7:20 AM. What “60% chance of rain” means in south Florida

It has been raining steadily for several hours now. Sometimes moderately, sometimes in buckets. The courts, however, are very playable, and the huge retention basin has scarcely a few puddles in it. But there is intermittent lightning and until this ends play will have to wait.

10:10 AM. Rain, lightning, delay start of matches.

At 8:30 AM the courts were about 95% covered by standing water. The rain has never completely stopped since then, but the courts are now almost entirely clear of standing water. If the heavier rain holds off, matches will begin as early as 11:00 AM. That is, if the lightning also stays away.

11:25 AM. All matches have begun.

It’s still sprinkling, but the courts are in fine shape and the lightning has stopped. All matches are now in play.

12:35 PM. Rain holding off.

Robert Fulford (GB) TPO’d Martin Clarke (AUS), also “popping” Bruce Fleming (AUS) to 2, leaving balls in corners I and IV. Fleming croqueted out of bounds off the contact, but a few turns later Chris Clarke (GB) failed 2 and Fleming now has a three-ball break.

1:05 PM. Strange day.

The weather is what, I believe, the British would call “close”. It’s rather dark, very still, warm and humid. The birds are behaving strangely. On the lawns, errors are prevalent.

1:55 PM. The long and the short of it.

Game 1 of Prince & Wislang (NZ) v. Stark & Taves (USA) has finally finished on a Taves triple; the game took over two and a half hours.

2:25 PM. Players settling in; fewer errors.

When Trevor Bassett is especially focussed it’s easy to tell—he walks slower than usual. After a shocking error to give away game 1, Bassett is obviously determined not to blunder in game 2.

3:00 PM. Both tests look competitive so far.

Wynand Louw (USA) finished his triple to give USA the first point in their test against NZ.

4:25 PM. Brits 2-1 on the day.

A Burrow triple has put GB ahead of AUS 2-1 after the first day of the second test round.

5:45 PM (posted 9:05 PM, sorry!). USA leads NZ 2-0; 1 match pegged down.

Prince & Wislang (NZ) v. Stark & Taves (USA) finished as a three triples match, the second and third games both losing TPOs. In game 3 Prince hit the lift and TPO’d Taves’s ball (with a seven yard peg-out). He had left Wislang’s ball a few yards south of rover, and put his own ball in corner II. This gave Stark something very close to the start of a “supershot” break, however Stark had a long approach to 1 and failed the three yard hoop shot. Wislang shot gently at partner and missed, Stark shot off to the east boundary, Wislang made 1 and laid up for 2, and Stark took position at 1. Wislang made a long approach to 2, but faced a long hoop shot. With Stark in position at 1, Wislang chose to corner in IV. Stark finished, two-balling the first three hoops and then playing a swap at 4.