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The Cordingley Reports, Volume 3: GB v. NZ

Editor’s note: Phil Cordingley is the Team Manager for the Great Britain team. He will be writing reports from the British perspective. This page will be updated daily (or so).

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Day 11—Summary
Day 12—Summary
Day 14—Summary
Day 15—Summary

Day 11 Summary

GB loses the first round of doubles 1-2 on the first day of the New Zealand test, their first losing day in the event so far.

Clarke & Fulford v. Prince & Wislang

Game 1: Clarke goes to corner II. Prince goes to E boundary level with the peg. Fulford misses down E boundary. Wislang misses Fulford, leaving rush down the E boundary. Fulford puts out pop ball too deep behind 1 after 3, so goes to 4b with no pops and makes a spread. Wislang misses long lift. Clarke mis-approaches 1 from close but to the side, and retires to W boundary level with partner who is at hoop 2. Prince hits from hoop 1 to 2, runs an angled hoop 1, but rushes too close to hoop pioneer to send a ball to 3. Thus clangs hoop 3 off Clarke. Clarke hits, but takes off the lawn going to ball in corner IV. Wislang sticks in 1 on Fulford. Fulford lays up for Clarke with a tight rush to 1 tight in corner II, hoop 1 ball on S boundary behind 1, hoop 3 ball on N boundary behind hoop 3. Prince hits from North boundary to corner II. Gets going, but clangs 4. Clarke hits 7 yarder from hoop 5 to hoop 4. Straigth rover peel sticks in jaws and he jumps clean over. Hits deep ball, rushes the other ball to in front of rover, cannons partner to complete peel getting rush at same time. Pegs out.

Avery & Maugham v. Bulloch & Garrison

Game 1: Avery lays supershot. Garrison goes 6" S of corner II. Maugham misses in corner II. Bulloch hits double in corner II, goes to 4b, but leaves 3b NSL ball open, so croquets partner to corner IV and retires to corner II. Maugham lifts to B baulk but misses partner on the W boundary. Bulloch misses Maugham down the W boundary. Avery lays up for Maugham by hoop 1. Bulloch misses partner in IV from hoop 2. Maugham clangs 2 on Bulloch, who hits 6 yarder and lays up behind hoop 4. Maugham misses partner at hoop 3 from W boundary level with 6. Garrison finishes.

Burrow & Mulliner v. Bryant & Parkinson

Game 1: Parkinson lays supershot. Burrow goes 9" S of corner II. Bryant hits in corner II but clangs 1. Mulliner goes to 4b with an NSL, but with 3b ball un-rushable to 1. Bryant lifts W boundary ball and misses short lift. Burrow over-approaches 1, and misses shot at 3b ball, which he has previously ignored. Bryant hits his 7 yarder at the 3b ball and TPOs Mulliner, leaving the hoop 1 ball on the E boundary level with 4 and his ball in corner III. Burrow rolls from III to 2 and the E boundary ball. Fails to roll off hoop 1, takes position. Parkinson retires from 1 to corner IV. Burrow runs 1 to the N boundary, but misses cut rush after making hoop. Bryant lays up in corner IV. Burrow misses from hoop 2 to IV. Parkinson fails to approach hoop 1from S boundary, takes position. Burrow retires from E boundary level with rover to corner I. Parkinson maeks 1 with no rush, rolls off hoop 2, rushes to 3 and makes it with no rush, lays up on N boundary wired by penult. from Burrow in I. Burrow moves from I to III. Parkinson lays up just out of corner I. Burrow takes position at 3. Parkinson makes 4 and 5 off partner with no rush. Fails to get position at 6 off Burrow, retires to West boundary level with hoop 2, wired from Burrow 5 yards N of 6. Burrow shoots at Bryant at 5, but ricochets off the peg to just off W boundary level with 1. Bryant retires from 5 to 2’ W of corner IV. Burrow misses Parkinson down the W boundary, joining with it. Parkinson rolls to 6, refuses 6’ hoop and retires to S boundary behind 1. Burrow takes position at 3. Bryant moves from corner IV to 2 yards E of corner II. Burrow runs 3 to S boundary and hits Parkinson behind 1. Plays a thick take off to corner II, takes off to very long position at 4 and clangs. Parkinson misses partner in corner II. Burrow retires from hoop 4 to corner III. Parkinson makes 6 & 1b off partner, and lays up in corner II and middle of W boundary. Burrow hits the short lift in corner II, rolls to hoop 5 and middle of W boundary, fails to roll off 4, retires to 2 yards off E boundary level with 5. Parkinson misses 6 yarder from hoop 5 at partner off S boundary behind 4. Burrow hits 13 yarder at Bryant behind 4, rushes other ball to 3 yards S of 4, fails to get position sending croqueted ball to 5, takes position. Parkinson misses from hoop 5. Burrow hits Parkinson on E boundary, sends him to 5 getting a rush on the other ball down by the S boundary, but mis-approaches from 3 yards to the E and clangs to the E boundary. Bryant hits partner at hoop 5 from the S boundary, rushing him onto hoop 5. He rolls to W boundary level with 5. Burrow hits from the E boundary, makes 4, rushes to the S boundary, splits to hoop 6 and ball on W boundary, rolls off 5 from W boundary to 9" slightly angles, runs it and finishes.

Day 12 Summary

GB wins the second round of doubles 2-1 to tie the test with New Zealand at 3-3.

Clarke & Fulford v. Bryant & Parkinson

Game 1: Parkinson goes to E boundary level with the peg. Clarke goes to 1’ S corner II. Bryant misses partner down E boundary. Fulford misses partner in corner II. Bryant hits partner back down E boundary and clangs 1 on Clarke. Clarke goes to 4b, pops Bryant to 2 and makes an NSL with the hoop 1 ball on 3b. Bryant misses long lift. Fulford gets standard TP going, but puts out 1b pioneer to 2 yards off N boundary. Makes 1b, death rolls penult. and rover going to 2b. Finishes.

Avery & Maugham v. Prince & Wislang

Game 1: Prince lays standard E boundary ball. Avery lays Duffer Wislang misses partner down E boundary. Maugham hits Duffer but immediately sends thick take-off off. Prince makes long, angled hoop 1 and goes to 4b with an OSL. Avery misses short lift. Wislang clubs off the peg rushing to W boundary, goes to W boundary ball, plays thick take off to 2’ position at 1. Gets going, but clangs hoop 4 after poor approach. Avery peels Maugham to 2, goes to 4b with a reverse NSL with 4b ball on hoop 2. Prince (for 4b) misses. Maugham clangs 4, but leaving Wislang at 5 partially hampered from ball at 4. Wislang misses partially hampered shot. Maugham finishes.

Burrow & Mulliner v. Bulloch & Garrison

Game 1: Burrow lags from B baulk to 2" off standard E boundary position. Garrison goes tocorner II. Mulliner lags to partner leaving rush to II. Bulloch misses down E boundary. Mulliner fails to approach 1, retiring to partner on E boundary. Bulloch corners from hoop 1 to III. Mulliner lays by hoop 2. Bulloch misses partner from hoop 4 to hoop 3. Mulliner makes 1 and misses 2 yard return roquet. Garrison moves from hoop 1 to E boundary level with partner at 3. Mulliner misses partner at hoop 2 from the S boundary. Bulloch goes to 4b with a spread. Burrow misses. Garrison has 4b peel by cannoning it to position before 3, but clangs in 4. Burrow double peels Bulloch but has 7 yard peg out off the lawn following poor rush after straight rover peel.. Garrison finishes from contact.

Day 14 Summary

GB loses third and final round of doubles 1-2, but maintains a slim 8-7 advantage going into the last day of the test against New Zealand. This means that GB has lost the doubles 5-4 to NZ in both the last two MacRobertson Shield contest. But for the moment that pales into insignificance as, courtesy an 8-yard peg out, Jerry Stark (USA) beat Martin Clarke (Australia) to clinch the MacRobertson Shield for Great Britain, as Australia could no longer win more matches than GB.

Clarke & Fulford v. Bulloch & Garrison

Game 1: Bulloch lays standard boundary ball. Clarke lays a Duffer. Garrison misses down E boundary. Fulford misses Duffer. Garrison gets going but sticks in 4. Fulford goes to 4b, pops Garrison to hoop 5 and Bulloch to hoop 3, and lays up tight in corner II with Bulloch in corner IV and Garrison in middle of W boundary. Garrison misses short lift. Clarke fails position at hoop 2, retires to E boundary level with 6. Garrison moves from corner II to middle of S boundary. Fulford lays up on E boundary level with six, Bulloch in middle of S boundary, Garrison at hoop 2. Garrison hits from 2 to E boundary, goes to 4b with a spread. Fulford lifts from the peg and misses partner to W boundary level with 5. Bulloch misses cut rush on Clarke to hoop 3. Clarke lays up in corner III with partner at hoop 3. Bryant misses partner from hoop 2 to E boundary level with 5. Clarke misses 8 yarder at partner.. Bulloch goes to the peg, having peeled partner straight at 4b with no penult. pioneer, lays up separated in corners II & IV with Clarke and Fulford just off boundaries across the peg. Fulford misses Clarke, joining on W boundary. Bulloch misses to S boundary. Clarke makes 2 but splits off lawn beside partner trying to get a rush to 3. Bulloch hits from 3 to 4 and lays in middle of S boundary for Garrison with Fulford and Clarke in middle of E & W boundaries. Clarke misses from W to S. Garrison finishes.

Avery & Maugham v. Bryant & Parkinson

Game 1: Parkinson goes to middle of E boundary. Avery goes 3 inches S corner II. Bryant hits down E boundary and lays a rush to II. Maugham misses down E boundary. Parkinson retires to corner II after failing to approach hoop 1. Maugham misses from hoop 1 to hoop 3. Parkinson goes to 4b with an NSL.. Maugham misses double from B baulk. Bryant gets going with the aid of a promotion cannon to hoop 1, and finishes.

Burrow & Mulliner v. Prince & Wislang

Game 1: Prince lays standard E boundary ball. Mulliner lays a Duffer. Wislang hits the Duffer and makes a spread. Burrow misses down the E boundary. Wislang goes to 4b with a reverse NSL. Mulliner misses partner down the E boundary. Prince clangs 1 on Mulliner. Mulliner fails position at 1 and retires to partner near corner III. Wislang corners in II. Mulliner lays up on the N boundary behind 6 with Wislang on W boundary level with 1, Prince by hoop 4. Wislang corners in III. Mulliner clangs 1 to the side on Prince. Prince misses him from 5 yards. Mulliner misses partner at 2. Prince hits partner in III from S boundary, fails to approach 1, retires to partner on E boundary level with 6. Burrow corners in IV from hoop 1. Prince sticks in 1 on Mulliner. Mulliner misses partner in IV. Prince runs 1, but misses 10 yarder at partner at hoop 2. Mulliner runs 1 and misses 2 yarder. Wislang hits partner by hoop 4 from hoop 1, lays up on E boundary level with 5. Mulliner corners in III from W boundary level with 2. Wislang lays on N boundary behind 3. Mulliner misses partner 7 yards N hoop 4 to S boundary. Prince goes to the peg with 1 peel and makes a cross-peg. Burrow misses short lift. Wislang finishes.

Day 15 Summary

GB ties the final round of singles 3-3 to take the New Zealand test 11-10, ending with a record of three tests won and none lost. With the score at 10-9 to GB, David Maugham essayed the position after Dennis Bulloch had missed a shot to give him a standard TP in the third. Matthew Burrow was up against it, being game down and in a tight spot in the second. "I’d be better off with a team of baboons" quoth David, as he strode on to secure yet another clinching point for GB against NZ in the Mac.