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Requirements, installation procedure, and files for download


As of version 1.0.b.2, soo_image is being developed on Textpattern version 4.2.0, and may not have been tested on prior versions. It requires the soo_txp_obj library plugin. Both plugins were developed under PHP version 5.2.6 and require PHP version 5 or higher. You can find your server’s PHP version in the Txp Diagnostics tab. Most web hosts support PHP 5 but it may not be your default configuration.

The soo_exif tags use PHP’s exif_read_data() function, which requires PHP to be compiled with --enable-exif.

soo_image has a few optional preference settings, which you can manage by installing the soo_plugin_pref plugin. soo_plugin_pref requires Txp version 4.2.0 or greater. Please note that this is a completely different plugin than the previously available soo_plugin_prefs (note the plural). The current version of soo_image no longer works with the old prefs plugin.


Upgrading to Version 1.0.b.7

This is a minor upgrade that adds thumbnail dimensions (new in Txp 4.2.0) to image output. Version 1.0.b.7 of soo_txp_obj is required.

Upgrading to Version 1.0.b.6

This version requires version 1.0.b.6 of the soo_txp_obj library. It is best to install and activate that first, to avoid any error messages.

Output tags such as soo_image now have slightly different behavior when deployed outside an image form or soo_image_select container tag. In such cases if there are article images the first of these will be selected. Otherwise the first image from the most recent soo_image_select tag (called persistent context) will be selected. (In earlier versions this priority was reversed.) This change is unlikely to affect most users.

Persistent context can now be disabled or enabled in the plugin’s preferences, or by setting the persistent_context attribute of the prior soo_image_select tag.

Upgrading to Version 1.0.b.2

If you were already using version 1.0.b.1, see the note about the optional soo_plugin_pref system, above. Otherwise this is a minor upgrade.

Upgrading to Version 1.0.b.1

This is a major revision. There’s a smattering of new front-end features, but the underlying soo_txp_obj library has been largely rewritten, and this has required significant changes to this plugin. I expect that most users will not have any problems, but it is a good idea to do the upgrade on a development installation to confirm that everything is working before upgrading your live site. Any other plugins dependent on the soo_txp_obj library (e.g., Multidoc) will also have to be upgraded.


There are two required plugins and one optional plugin. These may be installed and activated in any sequence. If you already have soo_plugin_pref or soo_txp_obj installed, you don’t need to reinstall unless a newer version is available; note that soo_plugin_pref is not the same as the old soo_plugin_prefs.

There are three preference settings you can change to suit your setup if you have soo_plugin_pref installed. Click the Options link in the plugin list for soo_image. You can set default values for the image form and image list form used by soo_image_select, and for whether or not to add pixel height and width attributes to img tags.


soo_image version 1.0.b.9, 22.2 KB
(If it won’t install try the compressed version)

Preiew soo_image code

soo_txp_obj version 1.1.3, 47.4 KB
(If it won’t install try the compressed version)

soo_txp_obj is required.

soo_plugin_pref version 0.2.3, 3.7 KB
(If it won’t install try the compressed version)

soo_plugin_pref is optional.

Posted 2009-04-27 (last modified 2011-01-06)