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Link to gallery

The soo_image tag’s link_to attribute allows you to create a gallery preview on one page that links directly to a full gallery on a different page. For example, you could have a few randomly-selected thumbnails on the home page, each of which links to its full-size version on a dedicated gallery page.

The thumbnail gallery below is the same selection of images used for the full gallery on the . No limit is used here, so all the images appear at once; the full gallery uses limit="3", resulting in several pages. Each of the thumbnails below links to its full-size version in the full gallery, automatically jumping to the correct page:

<txp:soo_image_select aspect_ratio="2-1" ext="jpg">
<txp:soo_image link_to="txp/61/pagination" />

You don’t have to use the same selection criteria for the preview gallery that you use in the full gallery. The only requirement is that the preview image also appears somewhere in the linked gallery.

(Note: persistent context also needs to be enabled for this to work. It is enabled by default.)

Posted 2009-07-04 (last modified 2011-01-02)