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soo_image user guide


A Textpattern plugin that brings Txp’s concepts of context and forms to images.

soo_image is a Textpattern plugin for selecting and displaying images and associated information, either singly or in galleries. It aims to give image display the same power Txp already provides for article display, by allowing image selection based on context, and then running the selected images through a form for formatting and output.

Its tags mainly use standard Txp attributes, so they should feel simple and intuitive to users already familiar with Txp. soo_image replaces and extends the functionality of Txp’s standard image tags. It also makes it easy to create galleries and gives you complete control over formatting. Images can be selected for display by assigning one or more images to an article; by search on any combination of category, author, aspect ratio, or file type; or by specifying images by name or id.

There are also tags to display image metadata from the Txp database and directly from EXIF tags attached to image files.

There’s no shortage of feature-packed image plugins available for Txp; the goal of soo_image is to provide simple, versatile, and powerful tools that feel like core Txp.

Posted 2009-04-28 (last modified 2010-07-04)