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Txp Metadata tags

Display metadata fields from the Txp image table. These tags can be used anywhere, but require image context.

<txp:soo_image_alt />
<txp:soo_image_author />
<txp:soo_image_caption />
<txp:soo_image_category />
<txp:soo_image_date />
<txp:soo_image_height />
<txp:soo_image_id />
<txp:soo_image_name />
<txp:soo_image_url />
<txp:soo_image_width />
<txp:soo_thumbnail_url />
<txp:soo_thumbnail_height />
<txp:soo_thumbnail_width />

soo_image_date returns the date stored by Txp, which is the image upload date, which is not all that useful. See soo_exif for how to show the exposure date for images containing EXIF data.

soo_image_author returns the author’s full name rather than the login name stored in the image table.

Note that thumbnail height and width are available only in Txp 4.2.0 or later. Also note that the Txp 4.2.0 update script does not update these fields for images already in the database (the soo_thumb_atts plugin offers a solution).


All of these tags accept standard wraptag, class, and html_id attributes.

Additionally, soo_image_alt and soo_image_caption each accept the following optional attribute:

soo_image_caption accepts the following attribute:

soo_image_date accepts the following attribute: