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You don’t really want to use “FUBAR” as a link type, do you?

Useful Example

Just to make this page into an actual Useful Example, here is some Multidoc markup:

<txp:soo_multidoc_link rel="up" add_title="1">Back to </txp:soo_multidoc_link>

And here is what it produces when placed on this page:

Back to Link types

If you’ve been following closely, you’ll have noted that soo_multidoc_link can be used as a single tag or as a container tag. In this example, if I change the title of the “Link types” page, the link text you see here will change automatically. And if I move this example to different section, the “up” link will still find the next page up the hierarchy.

Posted 2009-01-26 (last modified 2009-01-30)