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A system for managing multiple-page documents in Textpattern

Textpattern is a fantastic tool for managing diverse collections of articles. Once you get your head around forms, categories, and article context, you can serve up article lists for just about any need.

But one thing that’s very difficult to do is to divide an article into parts and have those parts act as a single unit. Textpattern just isn’t set up that way. What if you need to publish a book or long article with a rigid structure of sections and sub-sections?

Enter Multidoc. This is a plugin-based system for assembling, managing, and displaying multi-page articles. Its uses range from simple paginated articles to complex hierarchical articles (such as this one). As of version 2 it is easier than ever to use, and does not require any custom fields, special categories, or workarounds.

Naturally, this article is based on Multidoc. All of the navigation elements were automatically generated (for example, the structured table of contents at left requires only a single tag with no attributes: <txp:soo_multidoc_toc />). Intrigued? Read on →

Posted 2009-01-24 (last modified 2010-09-12)