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Slices, dices, plus a whole lot more

Multidoc features include:

Quick example

Did you use the “Read on →” link on the Start page to get here? Here’s the markup I used to produce the link:

<txp:soo_multidoc_link rel="Next Section">Read on &rarr;</txp:soo_multidoc_link>

Note that the link is identified only by its rel value. I didn’t have to tell it the article ID or the URL; it found that on its own. And here’s the markup for the link to the Start page I added to the paragraph above this:

<txp:soo_multidoc_link rel="Start" />

The navigation bar at page bottom is produced in the same way; of course those tags are in a form.

Yet another variation:

<txp:soo_multidoc_link rel="Next" add_title="1">Next: </txp:soo_multidoc_link>

gives this: Next: Smart navigation

Posted 2009-01-26 (last modified 2010-09-12)