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Smart navigation


Enter the document structure once, and the rest is automatic

Every page in a Multidoc document has full access to the entire document tree. If you decide to rearrange pages or even whole sections, all of your links update automatically.

Multidoc navigation elements come in four forms.
Sequential page widgets:


Breadcrumb trails: Multidoc: Features: Smart navigation

Tables of contents:

And links based on document relationship:

You create and manage the document structure in the Multidoc admin panel, installed as an Extensions sub-tab. Then you add Multidoc tags to your articles, pages, and forms. To get a link to the next page in the document, drop in a <txp:soo_multidoc_link rel="Next" /> tag. That’s it — Multidoc automatically finds the next page for you, even in documents with complex hierachical structure. You can put soo_multidoc tags anywhere you have article context. So if you want to customize links by page, drop tags directly into the article body. To set and forget, add tags to your article form.

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Posted 2009-01-27 (last modified 2011-01-06)