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Installation & requirements


Before continuing, you should read and understand the Read me page.

But if you don’t like reading instructions, you can go directly to the download page. (If you are upgrading from Multidoc version 1, you should definitely read the upgrade instructions below.)

Multidoc was originally developed on Textpattern version 4.0.8, and may not have been tested on prior versions. Ongoing development is under Textpattern version 4.2.0. It requires PHP version 5 or higher. You can find your server’s PHP version in the Txp Diagnostics tab. Most web hosts support PHP 5 but it may not be your default configuration. Current development is under PHP 5.3.

Multidoc installs a table in your site’s Txp database, so your web hosting account must include MySQL CREATE TABLE privileges.

Upgrading from version 1

This is a major upgrade. To transfer your existing Multidoc collections to the new data format you must follow these instructions exactly. Of particular note, you must leave the old version of soo_multidoc installed and activated while you complete the first steps. You should, of course, perform a full database backup before starting.

If all goes correctly, after the third step you will see a message confirming successful transfer of your existing Collections to the new format. Check your site’s public side to confirm that your Collections work as expected, then you are free to remove the Multidoc custom field.

Note that removing the field name in Advanced Preferences does not remove the data, which could cause unexpected results if you re-use the field for something else. To clear the data run the following query in your database manager, taking great care to get the correct custom field, and backing up your database first:

UPDATE textpattern SET custom_n = ''

substituting “custom_n” with the correct custom field name as used in the textpattern table (i.e., replace the “n” with the correct number). If you use a database table prefix, prepend it to “textpattern” in the query.


There are three required plugins and one optional plugin, all available on the download page. Install and activate the required plugins in this order:

Optionally, install soo_plugin_pref to manage Multidoc’s preferences. As of version 2 the most important preference is whether or not Multidoc interior pages (i.e., pages other than article Start pages) should appear in article lists (e.g. section front pages or category-based article lists; this does not affect Txp search results). By default, interior pages do not appear in article lists; if you are happy with this setting you probably don’t need to install soo_plugin_pref.

That’s it for installation. Now you’re ready to begin assembling your first Multidoc collection: Installation & requirements


Instructions for a clean uninstall are in the soo_multidoc_admin plugin help.

Posted 2009-01-26 (last modified 2011-01-06)