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Easy document management


Multidoc version 2 introduces a new and easier management system

The Multidoc admin panel, list view

You create Multidoc documents, also called collections, in the Multidoc admin panel. This is accessed through the Extensions tab.

List view

The admin panel opens in list view, listing all your site’s Multidoc collections, and the number of articles in each. A collection’s name is simply the title of its start page.

Below the list are controls for creating or deleting collections. To start a new collection, select a starting page from the drop-down list and click “Create”.

To add articles to a collection, click its name in the list. This brings up a detailed view.

The Multidoc admin panel, detail view

Detail view

Detail view shows each page in the collection. Indentation is used to show the collection’s hierarchical structure. Clicking a page title brings up that page for editing in the Write panel.

To the right of each page title is its Multidoc link type. Click a link type to change it.

At far right is a set of controls for arranging content:

That’s it — you’re ready to start adding Multidoc tags.

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Posted 2009-01-27 (last modified 2011-01-08)